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Livingston Foot Care Specialists is proud that we continue to treat our patients and make sure they receive the care and attention they need without having to go to an overcrowded emergency room. Calling from the parking lot and waiting in the car has eliminated waiting in the reception area and potential interaction with other patients. This is working very well.

Our only location: 1685 Newbridge Rd, North Bellmore Directions

Ultra Sound Therapies

Ultra Sound Therapies


At Livingston Foot Care Specialists, we use soft tissue sonography (ultrasound therapy) to help diagnose a number of foot conditions that can be visualized better than with a conventional X-ray. Many soft tissue conditions do not even show up on an X-ray including:

  • Inflammation of the plantar fascia (plantar fasciitis)
  • Bursitis and ganglion cysts
  • Neuroma
  • Inflamed or torn tendons
  • Certain types of foreign bodies
  • Certain tumors
  • Periostitis (inflammation of the lining of the bones)

Ultrasound guided injection therapy allows our doctors to effectively deliver the medication in the specific area it’s needed.




Livingston Foot Care attracts the highest quality podiatrists in the country. Our board certified, experienced doctors are well versed in all aspects of podiatry and podiatric surgery and medicine which is the backbone of our total foot care center. We fix any array of foot problems for our patients with care as though they are part of our family.

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