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Tendonitis is one of the more common sources of foot pain treated at Livingston Foot Care Specialists. Tendonitis is an inflammation of a tendon, a band of fibrous tissue connecting muscle to bone. Some of the more common causes of tendonitis include trauma, overuse of the tendon and biomechanical instabilities. Pain, tenderness and, occasionally, restricted movement of the muscle attached to the affected tendon are common manifestations. There are between 76 and 80 tendons in the foot. The most common tendons affected in the foot are the Achilles tendon, the posterior tibial tendon, the anterior tibial tendon and the peroneal tendon. However, the lesser tendons can also be affected. Proper treatment is essential to prevent more serious problems such as rupture of the tendon.

When administering tendonitis treatment, or any foot and ankle pathologies, it is vital to understand the cause of the symptoms. At Livingston Foot Care Specialists, the doctors perform thorough examinations to fully comprehend the causes. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs are often used to immediately relieve the symptoms, but by themselves, they will not cure the condition or keep it from recurring. Some common tendonitis treatment modalities include custom made orthotics, physical therapy, peri-tendinous injection therapy utilizing ultrasound visualization, as well as specific braces and supportive devices that reduce overuse and stress on the tendon.

At Livingston Foot Care every attempt is made to resolve the foot pain by conservative measures. In some chronic cases platelet rich plasma injections using the patient’s own platelets is used to reduce the inflammation and pain. In rare instances, if conservative treatment fails, surgical intervention might be warranted.

The doctors at Livingston Foot Care Specialists at 1685 Newbridge Road, Bellmore New York, have advanced training and experience to ensure that the patients get the best possible care whether that be conservative or surgical management to relieve their pain and help them regain the ability to be active and healthy. Call Livingston Foot Care 516-826-0103 if foot pain is inhibiting you.




Livingston Foot Care attracts the highest quality podiatrists in the country. Our board certified, experienced doctors are well versed in all aspects of podiatry and podiatric surgery and medicine which is the backbone of our total foot care center. We fix any array of foot problems for our patients with care as though they are part of our family.

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