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Foot Doctors You Can Trust - Patient Testimonials

The foot doctors and surgeons of Livingston Foot Care have been treating Nassau County patients with foot disorders and injuries for over forty four years. Below are a few of our patients’ experiences with Livingston that they were kind enough to share with us.

"I found myself in need of a good foot doctor after I had severely sprained my ankle, or so I thought it was sprained. After getting 2 X-rays done by an orthopedist and not finding any fracture, I still knew my foot wasn't right. I came upon Dr. Doug after being referred to him. I knew I was in the right place when it was busy with patients and the office manager came out to welcome me as a new patient (not something you get in any dr office). Then I met with Dr. Doug and he assured me he would find out damage I did to my foot. Sure enough after a comprehensive X-ray, there was a small fracture. I was immediately put in a boot and on crutches so it could properly heal. In less than 3 months my foot was completely back to normal and a year later, I would never know I broke it. He and his staff are extremely professional and personable. I've since sent my husband to him for his gout and my mom for tendinitis in her foot."

- Deborah S.


"Livingston Foot Care-Doctors You Can Trust

LFCS has been located in the same office in Bellmore for the past 44 years; the original building has seen several renovations over that time. I first met Dr. Leon Livingston in 1988 when I accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer at Massapequa general Hospital; at that time, Dr. Livingston was the chairman of the Department of podiatry, a position that he was elected to by the other doctors on the medical staff. He was well respected by the hospital staff and held in the highest esteem by his colleagues. I was immediately impressed by his kind and gentle demeanor and his skillful manner when he was treating patients. He was always willing to offer his advice and assistance to the staff and helped develop policies and procedures to improve the services offered by the Department of Podiatry. In 1999, Dr. Leon’s son, Dr. Douglas, completed his surgical training and also joined the hospital staff. Much like his dad, Dr. Doug was quickly embraced by the staff and treated patients with skill and compassion.

Unfortunately, the hospital closed in 2000 but my relationship with Dr. Leon and Dr. Doug that began in 1988 has lasted over 20 years and has evolved into a personal friendship that will last forever. During this time I also became a patient of Livingston Foot Care and have recommended my family and friends and have never had anything but positive feedback and compliments about the care they received.

My mother, who is 88, recently sprained her foot; I called the office and was given an appointment that same day. As always, when we arrived we were greeted by the very professional office staff and after a brief wait, were escorted into a treatment room. It wasn’t long before Dr. Doug arrived and examined my mom, very gently; he explained what happened when she twisted her foot and explained exactly what he was going to do. After wrapping her foot and giving her a brace to wear for support, he asked if she had any questions; with that, my mom asked him if he would “cut her nails.” Dr. Doug looked at me, winked, and did what my mom asked, smiling and talking the whole while.

You can have no doubt that you will receive the same care.

It is my pleasure to recommend Livingston Foot Care."

- Jack B.


"I am writing to you, as a patient of Livingston Foot Care Specialists on Newbridge Road, Bellmore, NY.

The care and concern of the entire staff is outstanding and courteous to all that they came in contact with each day. They are all so helpful and friendly to everyone. Even those who take the phone calls are so pleasant and very helpful in any way that they can.

Recently I started the MicroVas therapy for non diabetic peripheral neuropathy. I can not believe the changes in my feet and legs. With the severe pain in my legs and feet I could hardly walk around. My right leg was the one that was the worst. With the pain, pins and needles and burning sensation of my feet. I was willing to try anything. I have been to many doctors in the past and still there was no relief. The MicroVas therapy has been a blessing in my life. Now I am able to do more walking outside and inside. I am able to walk without pain and discomfort which to me is surely a miracle in my life.

The doctors are extremely conservative and willing to answer all of your questions and put your mind at ease.

At this office you are treated like a human being and an individual. The quality of care is unique and excellent.

I would like to thank Dr. Leon Livingston and Dr. Douglas Livingston, for giving me my "happy feet".

I am most grateful to everyone for all their help, care and understanding."

- Sister R. D.


"A serious tennis injury in my foot put a halt on my sport activities, but Dr. Douglas Livingston's sharp analysis put me on the road of recovery. Not only is he very knowledgable, he cares."

- Allison G.


"Hi, my name is Michael R, my mom Minnie passed away on February 16, 2011. I’m writing now to say thank you to everyone at Livingston Foot Care. My mom got very good care from everyone in the office. The nurses and doctors always put a big smile on my mom’s face. All the nurses, no matter what they were doing always gave time to say, “Hello, how are you doing? Glad to see you!” THANKS. I want to give special thanks to Doctor Doug. He was mom’s special person. He took excellent care of my mom’s feet and toes. Doug always had a big smile on his face when he saw my mom. He always asked first, “How are you feeling and doing?” Doug got very good at reading my mom’s lips almost better than I was. Oh yes, there was pain and some bleeding, but mom knew she was in good hands. She started walking better and longer, her shoes didn’t hurt as much. Doug also made the toe things we called them….what a help. He never rushed what he was doing and gave my mom all the time he needed to do the things that had to be done. No matter how long it took. Doug’s Dad (Dr. Leon) was great when he was in, he always made a point to stop in to say hello.

So thank you, thank you very much.

Thank you for being part of my mom’s special family.

God Bless you all.

- Michael R.



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