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Drs. Leon, and Douglas Livingston (father & son) have established a total foot care center in Bellmore Long Island - Livingston Foot Care Specialists. They offer expertise in the area of foot and ankle surgery, with board certified doctors of podiatry providing state of the art care in a state of the art facility. Their staff is comprised of physicians, all of whom are highly respected within the medical community.

The Doctors are affiliated with the NYS and Nassau County Podiatric Medical Associations and have extensive backgrounds in podiatric medicine and surgery. Their hospital affiliations in Long Island include North Shore University Hospital - Plainview, North Shore University Hospital - Syosset and St. Joseph's Hospital and Winthrop University Hospital. In addition to their private practice, they are active in academic forums, including having held positions as directors of a surgical residency training programs and adjunct professors of surgery at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Their Board Certified doctors render the best quality medical and surgical care while providing a friendly and professional environment for their patients. They treat all foot conditions; corns, callouses, hammertoes, fractures, warts, heel spurs, flat feet, pediatric conditions, trauma, sprained ankles, diabetic ulcers, and total reconstructive surgery. Their doctors provide the latest surgical techniques including arthroscopic and laser surgical alterations.

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